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Dr. Li Jingliang achieved the Sixth SH Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs

Source:DESANO      Date:2017-12-31 11:00:00

On the 18th Dec. 2017, the sixth Shanghai Top 10 Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs Award Ceremony was held by Youth Daily, Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations and Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Development Corporation in Shanghai Energy Saving Industrial Park.

Dr. Li Jinliang, Shanghai “Top 10 Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs”, GM of Shanghai Desano Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd received the crystal trophy and the honor certificate from Mr Jiang Yiren, former chairman of the Shanghai people's political consultative conference, Mr Wang Yu, secretary of Shanghai municipal committee of the communist youth league.

Mr. Yu Guosheng, President of Shanghai economic association, Mr. Wang Yu made a speech respectively in the award ceremony to encourage the elected outstanding Young Entrepreneurs.

“Market vitality comes from individual, especially from entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.” Mr. Wang Yu pointed out in the speech and hoped that “Top 10 Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs” will further study and implement the socialist ideology of the party's nineteenth spirit and Xi jinping new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, will conscientiously implement what Li Qiang, secretary of municipal party committee proposed, “Be committed to the excellent development direction, focus on the strategic advantages of Shanghai development, fully strengthen the development requirement  of “Four Brands”- service from Shanghai, made in Shanghai, shopping in Shanghai, culture of Shanghai”. Mr. Wang Yu encouraged Top 10 Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs to continuously develop, adhere to the people-oriented principle to be committed to meet people's expectations of a better life, use “development index” of company to exchange “happiness index” of people.

Mr. Yu Guosheng expressed in the speech that the theme of this selection activity of “Top 10 Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs” is “New Era, New Mission, New Journey”. The elected entrepreneurs fully showed the characteristics of young entrepreneurs in new era – “Excellence, Innovation, Responsibility, Win-win”.

Mr. Ding Bo, deputy secretary of Shanghai municipal committee of the communist youth league, read out the awards list of sixth Shanghai Top 10 Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs.

Approximately 150 people from each industry association and each youth federation attended this award ceremony.

It is reported that the selection activity of sixth “Shanghai Top 10 Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs” takes 3 months. The activity is hosted by Youth Daily, Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations and co-hosted by hanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Development Corporation. 16 district youth federations in the city, 45 industry associations, Shanghai youth entrepreneurship association, Shanghai youth creative talent association, Shanghai SME development and coordination office, Shanghai zhejiang youth entrepreneur association, Shanghai youth entrepreneurship and employment foundation participated in the co-host.