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Dr. Li Jinliang expressed sincere sympathy to on-the-duty staff

Source:DESANO      Date:2018-02-28 11:01:00

At 10:00am 16th Feb., the Chinese New Year, Dr. Li Jinliang(GM of Desano Pharmaceuticals) and Mr. Liu Long(Director of Desano Pharmaceuticals) came to Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical to express sincere sympathy to on-the-duty staff. Mr. Ye Shilai(GM of Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical) accompanied them.

In order to implement the annual production plan to guarantee the on time delivery of material to customers, at the beginning of Jan., Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical planned and arranged the production and logistic support plans in advance during the Chinese New Year. Each department and workshops responded positively. About 800 employees gave up the opportunity of enjoying the holiday and devoted themselves to the production during the Chinese New Year.

Dr. Li Jinliang came to the production workshop and analytical testing department and gave out red pockets in person to send the New Year’s Wish to every employee on site.