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Leaders from SASS visited Desano

Source:DESANO      Date:2018-08-28 17:06:39

On 6th Jul. 2018, Mr. Zuo Xuejin (Head of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences) and other 6 people visited Desano to investigate, survey and guide. Mr. Zhang Hua (President of Acebright Pharmaceuticals Group), Mr. Li Jinliang (President of Desano Pharmaceuticals), Mr. Fan Zhongmin (Vice President of Desano Pharmaceuticals), Mr. Ye Shilai (GM of Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical) accompanied with visitors.

The guests visited Shanghai Desano Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. in Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park and Shanghai Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Pudong Laogang Town, They also visited National Anti-HIV Drugs Engineering and Technology Research Center and formulation production workshop of anti-HIV drugs. Mr. Zhanghua and Mr. Li Jinliang introduced the general business development of Acebright Pharmaceuticals Group, social contribution of Desano to anti-HIV career, market situation and production scale of anti-HIV drugs of Desano and so on. They specifically reported practical difficulties existing in the planning and approval procedures of the second phase construction of Desano Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zuo Xuejin and his group highly praised for the hardware condition and on-site environment of R&D building and API production workshop in Desano. At the same time, they highly affirmed the outstanding contribution of Desano to anti-HIV career and are deeply concerned with practical difficulties existing in the company API production site and will report this situation to municipal leader as a special project.