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Desano Donations to Students for Education

Source:DESANO      Date:2018-11-27 09:21:28

On 23th August afternoon, the 2018 “Desano Puxin” Subsidization Awarding Ceremony is held at the third conference room of Jiangsu Binhai Government Conference Center. Mr. Cheng Xi(Subprefect of Binhai), Mr. Sun Quan(Director of Binhai Government), Mr. Zhou Qing(Director of Education Bureau), Mr. Shi Wenhua(Deputy director of Education Bureau), Mr. Li Jingpeng(President of Desano Pharmaceuticals and Jiangsu Puxin), Mr. Yang Chun(GM of Jiangsu Puxin) and 100 subsidized students attended the ceremony.

Mr. Li Jingpeng introduced the development situation of Acebright Pharmaceutical Group and Jiangsu Puxin to attendees, appreciated the support and help from local government to Jiangsu Puxin, meanwhile, encouraged subsidized students to hard study to obtain knowledge, save the time to development, realize the personal value to become a useful person for society, nation and age.

Mr. Cheng Xi representing for Binhai government expressed thanks to Shanghai Acebright Pharmaceutical Group and Jiangxu Puxin, highly praised years of contributions from Jiangsu Puxin to the economic and social development of Binhai, at the same time, Jiangsu Puxin also focused on the charity and established “Desnao Puxin” to inherit and promote the traditional virtues of poverty relief, to better illustrate the company philosophy of Acebright Pharmaceutical Group – “We care for life, we work for human health.” This activity is held for 9 years and 900 Binhai students in total are subsidized. Mr. Cheng Xi encouraged subsidized students to have lofty ideals to develop to a skilled talent and repay the hometown, society and nation.

During the ceremony, Mr. Cheng Xi, Mr. Li Jingpeng and other attendees awarded 5000RMB to each subsidized student.